Paint shop for wet and powder lacquering

We have a paint shop for wet and powder lacquering, thanks to which we can offer the production of elements from stainless and black steel, as well as aluminium, with a durable lacquer coating finish.

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Plastic lacquering

Plastics can be produced in all colours, with both matte and glossy surfaces. However, it is often necessary to paint them with lacquer. On the one hand, plastic lacquering has aesthetic benefits:

· it provides an individual hue,

· it gives more lustre to the colour after lacquering,


· it can remove manufacturing defects.

On the other hand, plastics should be protected, especially if they are exposed daily to the influence of weather, which can be harmful to them. It may be hard to believe that even plastics are susceptible to corrosion. Just like other materials, they can age and decay due to moisture and UV radiation.

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